The Greater New Plymouth Rock Baptist Church

Ministries Listing and Objective

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Minister Ora Mae Banks

Ministerial Staff

Minister Allen Belvin

Ministerial Staff & Outreach Minister

Minister Keeshawn Carter

Ministerial Staff

New Disciples' Ministry

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit we attempt to meet the specific needs of individuals who have found new life in the risen Savior.

Minister Barbara Crayton

Church Orchestra Ministry

To serve the church by developing, coordinating, training and administering an effective, well-rounded music ministry for all services of the church.

Minister Clarence Crayton, Director

Telephone Ministry

To minister to the unchurched, the unsaved and the incapacitated via the telephone.

Elder Carolyn Heard, Director

Minister Tammy Holmes

Ministerial Staff

Minister Annette Jackson

Ministerial Staff

Minister Veronica Johnson

Ministerial Staff

Minister Doris Jones

Ministerial Staff

Minister of Visitation

To serve the church by developing an effective ministry of visiting the sick, hospitalized and homebound parishioners of the church.

Elder Mervin McKinney, Director

Music Ministry

To serve the church by developing, coordinating, and administering an effective, well-rounded music ministry for all services of the church.

Minister Elmo Perrilloux- Minister of Music-


Youth Ministry

To help shape behavior of our youths in all walks of life

Minister Donald Rixner, Jr. - Director

Sunday School Ministry

We strive to sow bountifully as we equip the Saints for the Ministry to reach the unsaved and unchurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Minister Sanjanette Rixner, Director

Deacon Ministry

Proclaiming the gospel to believers and unbelievers. Caring for the church disciple in their time of need. Building Christian fellowship among church members. Set an example Christian life-style.

Bro. Charlie Grover, Sr.- Chairperson of Deacons

Grounds Keeping Ministry

To ensure that the church properties are properly maintain.


Bro. Royal Mitchell,  Director


Nursery and Preschool Ministry

To allow the children to enjoy the church services as well as the adults. The nursery provides a place where they can have fun learning about their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Sis. Rosalind East-Cambielh, Director

Assistant Director Sunday School Ministry

Sis. Barbara Mitchell

Sis. Lillie Henry

Deaconess and Usher's Ministry

Sis. Mary East


Pulpit Aid Ministry

To administer ministerial care to the Ecclesiastical Men and Women of God before and after the delivery of God's Word.

Sis. Pamela Perrilloux- Director

Bro. Curtis Edwards


Hospitality Ministry

Express God's love in receiving and interacting with the visitors of the church.

Sis. Charlotte Robinson Mitchell - Director

Relationship Enrichment Counseling Ministry

To enrich relationship with family, single, pre-married and married couples according to "God's design."

Bro. James and Sis. Beverly Mitter, Directors

Mission & Evangelism Ministry

To spread the word, visit the sick and aid the needy.

Sis. Mary Belvin, Director


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Adult &Youth Usher Ministry

To serve the church by ensuring that parishioners and visitors are cordially welcome and seated as expeditiously as possible; to assist the Deacons in serving communion and collecting offering when requested.

Sis. Barbara Cook, Adult Director (Top)

Bro. Byrne Cambielh, Youth Director (Bottom)

Library Ministry

To make available for use approved Christian Literature, and resource materials on various subjects and topics.

Sis. Beverly Mitter, Director

Bro. Wilbert Jenkins


Program Committee Ministry

To serve the church by coordinating and planning all programs and facilities use associated with those programs.

 Sis. Karen Carter Victor, Director

Transportation Ministry

To provide transportation for parishioners as well as non-parishioners to church services and preauthorized programs.

Bro. Jermaine Mitter, Director

Men's Ministry

To minister to the needs of the men and the young boys.

Bro. Simmie East, Director

Tutorial Ministry

To serve the church and the community by providing educational services to our elementary, middle, high school and college students when needed.

Sis. Carol Mills, Director (left) and Sis. Donielle East Mitter, Staff (right)


Audio and Video Ministry

To serve the church by providing comprehensive media services for church events and programs.

Sis. De'Anda Moseman, Director

Bro. Leonard White


Education & Women's Ministry

To serve the church by developing, coordinating and administering a comprehensive educational program.

To minister to the needs of the women and young girls of the church.

Sis. Carroll C. Carter, Director

Building Steering Committee

To give leadership and facilitate the planning, organization and construction of the new church edifice.

Bro. James Mitter, III

Bro. Lee Belvin



Administration Office Ministry

Assisting the Pastor, Board of Directors, Ministries and disciples with financial and business matters of the church in a professional manner.

Sis. Christina Davis, Executive Administratrix


To enhance the worship experience of the church via ministering with bells.

Bro. Brandon & Sis. Christian Daniel, Director

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To assist the Deacons in their ministry and to help train and develop the women and young ladies of the church.

Sis. Betty Grover- Chairperson & Sis. Sedonia Beco Chairperson Emeritus


To serve the church by rendering professional medical assistance via nursing guild.