"Equipping the Saints for the Ministry to Reach the Unsaved and the Unchurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

The Greater New Plymouth Rock Baptist Church

 Nursery and Preschool Ministry

Sis. Rosalind East-Cambielh




Nursery Ministry Staff :


Sis. Kesha Carter Cain

Sis. Donielle East-Mitter

Sis. Christian Smith



Mission Statement:

For all the children to enjoy the church service as well as the adults. Children tend to become irritable during the church service. The nursery provides a place where they can have fun learning about their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Nursery Activity Schedule:

Schedule will be updated by Nursery Ministry staff monthly.


Notes To Parents:

Please make sure to mark all of your baby's items with their complete names with permanent marker for identification.