"Equipping the Saints for the Ministry to Reach the Unsaved and the Unchurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

The Greater New Plymouth Rock Baptist Church

 Women  & Educational Ministry

Sis. Carroll C. Carter




Women Ministry Staff :

sis. marie nelson- secretary

sis. donna washington

sis. donielle east mitter

min. barbara crayton

sis. charlotte Robinson mitchell





Min. Keeshawne carter

sis. kesha carter cain

sis. karen carter victor

min. doris jones

Sis. Mary Belvin



Upcoming events:

Teacher's Training- July 27, 2009 @ 7:00pm


WOMEN MINISTRY Mission Statement:

Equipping the Saints (Women and Young Ladies) for the Ministry to reach the unsaved and the unchurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ"



Education Ministry VISION Mission statement:

VISION: To organize the church ministries to: biblically educate disciples in achieving our goals to be thoroughly equipped for ministry and to reach the unsaved and unchurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mission: To teach the Word of God to all disciples that we all may learn to have a continuous growing personal relationship and fellowship with Jesus Christ. This relationship is centered on serving together in oneness resulting in the unity of our faith, biblical knowledge, spiritual maturity and great love for one another. (Eph 4:11-16)

PURPOSE: To disciple God's people for spiritual transformation in all aspects of their lives and to assist (through gift-discover and ministry-training) them to serve in their God-called ministry, (Ephesians 2:10)

Message from our Director:

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